Job Description

The Arc Tampa Bay (TATB) is seeking an experienced, visionary leader. TATB has been providing support to persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) for more than 50 years. TATB serves more than 300 persons on a daily basis in a variety of residential, day programs and employment options for both children and adults with an annual budget of approximately $13 million.

The Executive Director of The Arc Tampa Bay (TATB) is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a full time, exempt employee and the administrative agent with the responsibility for managing and directing the day-to-day activities of the Agency.  

The CEO will represent the agency as the Chief Executive Officer in all dealings with other organizations, individuals, and the general public. The CEO will act as the lead liaison to all federal, state, and regional agencies that plan for, budget, and/or make rules for supports and services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

The CEO is responsible for administrative control of the day-to-day operations and performance of the organization, and will report directly to the President of the Board of Directors regarding routine duties and any urgent matters that may require immediate attention.


Management Responsibilities:

The CEO is responsible for managing TATB and the staff as necessary to effectively achieve the following:

    • Direct, supervise and coordinate all programs and services.
  • Supervise the preparation for all audits; manage and implement corrective measures noted in audits.

  • Select and employ such personnel as required to fulfill the purpose of and meet the requirements of Agency operations.
  • Manage the evaluation process of all subordinate staff, and determine and execute staff advancement and terminations.
  • Supervise creation and implementation of the annual operating budget.
  • Assist the Board of Directors and work closely with committees and staff in the development of sound organizational policies, providing such information as may be required, and bring to the Board’s attention matters requiring policy decisions, clarifications or revision.
  • The CEO reports to the Board of Directors for the implementation of policies and programs assigned and approved by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee, the ultimate purpose of which is to improve the general welfare of all persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • The CEO shall serve as an ex-officio member of TATB Board of Directors and of all committees established by the Board of Directors, except the Nominating Committee and TATB Foundation Board of Trustees. The CEO will attend Board meetings and make a report to both TABT Agency and TATB Foundation.
  • Institute proper and appropriate management controls. Manage preparation and maintenance of financial accounting, licensing, meeting minutes, employment records, other organizational records and such controls and records as required for effective management of TATB.
  • Manage creation of annual reports.
  • Develop and implement appropriate systems to facilitate day to day operations.
  • Maintain active and continuing interest in all agency projects and services and provide direction, coordination and supervision as indicated by agency goals and practices.
  • Plan annual and other meetings and workshops.
  • Ensure agency staff are informed and have access to up-to-date information regarding intellectual and other developmental disabilities at a level which allow agency employees to serve as a resource to families, citizens and other service agencies.
  • Participate in special studies, projects, workshops, seminars, research activities or other activities considered beneficial to the organization.
  • Identify potential sources of funding, fundraising and development goals, and plan outreach strategies. Supervise Grant writing activities.
  • Design, develop, implement and monitor quality control of programs that align with the organization’s mission and support the organization’s goals.
  • Promote and maintain working relationships with public officials, community members, and others involved in direct or indirect service to people who have disabilities.
  • Provide leadership for increasing public awareness and understanding of developmental disabilities.
  • Work with the Board to maintain appropriate long-range planning for TATB.
  • Perform other duties, which may be assigned by the Board.


Minimum Educational Requirement:

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in a related field of study is required. Master’s Degree or higher degree preferred.


Professional Experience Requirement:

  • Five to seven years of executive management in the field of intellectual and other developmental disabilities.
  • Considerable knowledge of I/DD issues and F.S. 393 as well as experience in interpreting/implementing State policies and procedures/Administrative Code Rules/other requirements.


Other desirable experience:

  • Leadership experience in the operation of an Arc chapter, with knowledge of the objectives as well as challenges faced by staff, clients and families.
  • Experience with the legislative process

Please submit resumes and other relevant information by 5:00 PM, February 28, 2020 to: and